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Ceannis is one of the countries in the Gulf region, and one of the world's superpowers.

The major ethnic group is Aibreán, with substantial minorities of Feabhric, Iuilic, and Getsunese. Ceannic first names are plant-related, with Feabhric names more likely to be varieties of rose, and Iuilic names more likely to be fruits. Last names are related to spices and natural features.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: Ceannic crowns
  • Epithet: Ceannic, Ceanska (Sønheim), Ceannai (Getsun)
  • Major language: Northern Ceannic


Flag of CeannisGovernment includes a Senate and a President who serves for a six-year term.

Formerly a monarchy until Leachtric (a reincarnation of Rhódon) established democracy.

Knightly Orders

A large part of the Ceannic military. Each Order is named after one of the cardinal constellations.

Order of the Axe: Elite rapid-response force. They have the highest physical recruitment standards of any Order, which even their partnered mages are required to pass, and they're trained to work in any environment, fight with any kind of weapon, and use any amount of force.

Order of the Compass: Pathfinders and wilderness-tamers. They protect trading expeditions, both domestic and international, and keep border settlements and roads safe. In previous centuries they were also a major player in Ceannis' colonization forces.

Order of the Chalice: Exclusive to knights who can draw heartswords. The Chalice is the first line of defense against magical threats that require close-quarters combat. Every team is partnered with at least one mage – who may also qualify as a knight, but it's not necessary.

(Some people have the misconception that heartsword-wielders can get into this Order without passing the rest of basic training. If they bring this misconception into combat, they learn better very quickly.)

Order of the Horn: Essentially the Secret Service. Bodyguards to high-ranking Ceannic politicians, diplomats, judges, asylum-seekers, and anyone else in danger of politically-motivated attack.

Secret Order of Monster Hunters: Not officially knights, but then again, they don't officially exist. They handle assassinations and other not-necessarily-legal secret missions.

Notable Places


Capitol city. Built on the shores of Lake Liathgheal, astride a river that feeds into the Gulf. Includes the following locations:

  • Aquarium: Nationally famous.
  • Castle Crossing Training Center: Military training.
  • Crown Hill Stables: Where Caoimhe and her foal reside.
  • Garden Street: Train station.
  • Rosedale County: Where Thorn lives. His apartment is across from the library.
  • Second Life Resource Center: Resources for long-runners.
  • S-Mart (multiple locations): Chain grocery for imported Sønska merchandise, frequented by immigrants and expats.

There's also the Sønheim Embassy, where Leif works and lives. Has heavily warded walls to keep intruders out, and Sønheim's native magic in.

Other places

Burnspoint: Major hub of the entertainment industry.

Lake Liathgheal: A body of water the size of Ohio, and the second-largest in Ceannis. Also known as Sapphire Lake.

Peacockton: Coastal town where Thorn's team was stationed before being moved to the steppes.

The Steppes: Semi-habitable territory at the edge of The Desert, which used to be populated by a mix of nomadic tribes with no clearly-defined territories. Conquered by Ceannis (and other border countries) around the time technology advanced to the point where the area could be made livable for non-nomads. Still a source of hereditary ethnic tension, although not enough to inspire a well-organized separatist movement.

Ville-de-Prince: Prestigious university. Its graduates include soundboard operators.


Kolpovision: Annual multinational song contest, full of OTT outfits. Ceannis won twice during Olive Romarin's first term as president.

Soul Masquerade: Harvest festival. Everyone dresses up as their favorite characters/creatures.

Summerfest: Biggest annual holiday. Celebrated by wearing flowers, eating sweets, singing karaoke.

Vyrvatsya: Six-day Iuilic festival celebrating the escape from the Horn Kingdom, starting when the big moon is full. Celebrated by eating easy-to-carry foods and lighting moon-phase lamps (traditionally with candles).

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