Countries of The World.

They can be grouped into three general regions:

Norden/Katoptric Circle: The northern polar region, sometimes called after the constellation (the Mirror, Katoptris) that contains the pole star. Isolated by a nearly-impassable mountain range to the south, a nearly-impassable icy ocean to the south, and a nearly-impassable arid superdesert to the south.

Kolpos/the Gulf States: Former sphere of influence of the historical Gulf Empire, plus all the islands to the southwest. Most major languages here can be traced back to proto-Gulf.

Kasirga/the East Coast: Everywhere else. Named after the fact that it takes the brunt of the continent's hurricanes. Many nations extend their borders into The Desert, although nobody wants it enough to fight for it, or even visit long enough to do proper surveying.

Countries of the world.


Flag of Beal Has a lot of superstition around Bealtic numerology, which has become popular across Kolpos.

A Ceannic expression for something confusing or jargon-heavy is “It's all Bealtic to me.”

  • Region: Kolpos/Kasirga
  • Currency: ducats
  • Epithet: Bealtic (Ceannis), Bealska (Sønheim)


Flag of Ceannis Superpower in the Gulf region, Thorn's native country.

See Ceannis.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: Ceannic crowns
  • Epithet: Ceannic, Ceanska (Sønheim), Ceannai (Getsun)
  • Major language: Northern Ceannic


Flag of Doyon Country immediately to the northwest of Getsun.

The two have closely-related languages and a lot of cultural crossover. As the smaller of the countries, Doyon has a bit of a national complex about not being known for anything that isn't also well-done in Getsun.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Epithet: Doyonai, Doyonese (Ceannis)

Ei Missään

Cold and isolated island, significantly off the coast of the main polar ice cap.

Never annexed by Sønheim. It’s not clear if anyone else claims the place either. So where did it get the name…?

  • Region: Norden
  • Currency: ???
  • Epithet: ???


Flag of Getsun Country on the western coast, including a peninsula and the largest neighboring islands.

Long-runners are revered in Getsun. Children aren't named until they turn five years old, in case they remember a previous name in the meantime. Before that they are given a cutesy pet name as a placeholder, such as “Boopsie”, “Scooter” or “Five”. They also use a special babies-only pronoun. Descendants of a long-runner's previous incarnation and the parents of their current incarnation are considered family, similar to becoming family by marriage.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: Getsunese crowns
  • Epithet: Getsunai, Getsunese (Ceannis), Getsuska (Sønheim)

Isle of Marta

Flag of Marta Island off the southeastern coast of Ceannis.

Marta for short.

  • Region: Kolpos/Kasirga
  • Epithet: Martan (Ceannis), Marska (Sønheim)


Flag of Sønheim Superpower in the polar region, Leif's native country.

See Sønheim.

  • Region: Norden
  • Currency: marks
  • Epithet: Sønska, Sønheic (Ceannis), Sønhai (Getsun)
  • Official language: Sønska


Flag of Tamapoa Island nation of tiny things. Populated by Tamaputians.

They have a treaty with the United Islands that the UI will come to Tamapoa's defense if any human-size armies attack. Since an invasion force would have to sail through UI territory to reach them, it's good protection.

Their magical defenses are also very good: the ocean likes them.

Any Tamaputian over 21 years old is likely to have an animal tattoo on the upper back, applied as a traditional part of the coming-of-age celebration.

Surnames here are highly modular, because when two people in Tamapoa get married, they pick a new last name that's a portmanteau of their original last names.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: sequins
  • Epithet: Tamaputian (Ceannis)

United Islands

Flag of the United Islands Federation including most of the islands along the southern edge of the Gulf, with the notable exception of Tamapoa.

The largest and easternmost is prone to hurricanes on its east coast, but provides a sheltering effect for the western islands, making them a a popular destination for tropical vacations.

  • Region: Kolpos
  • Currency: islets
  • Epithet: Islander

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