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 +=====Editing Guidelines=====
 +Contributors welcome!
 +**To prevent spam,** new users don't automatically get the power to create/edit pages. If you're a real person, first create an account, then [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​|comment on any strip]] with the username and ask to be upgraded to editor access.
 +Then follow this mini-guide to update the wiki!
 +====Canon information sources====
 +  * [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​|The strip itself]]
 +  * [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​comments/​feed/​|Comments]] by the artist
 +  * Descriptions on [[https://​erinptah.deviantart.com/​gallery/​43914165/​Leif-and-Thorn|illustrations]]
 +  * [[http://​leifandthorn.tumblr.com/​tagged/​Q&​A|Tumblr Q&As]]
 +  * [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​short-stories/​|The short stories]] (as AUs)
 +====Adding to pages====
 +  * **This wiki uses DokuWiki syntax**, which overlaps a lot with Wikipedia or TVTropes syntax, but not entirely. Check [[doku>​wiki:​syntax|the official Doku guidelines]] for what's possible and how to do it.
 +  * **When uploading images**, resize them to small/​preview size, and link them to the original comic or art post that they'​re taken from.
 +  * **Include alt-text with each image on a page**. Nothing fancy, just a brief factual description to help with screen readers.
 +  * **Feel free to add profiles for new characters** without adding an image! The artist will make standardized profile images for every character eventually.
 +====Creating new pages====
 +  * **To make a new top-level page**, add the title as a link on the [[start|index page]]. It'll show up as a gold link. Follow that to edit the page into existence.
 +  * **It's better to make large omnibus pages** with multiple sections, not single pages for minor entries that may only have 1-2 lines each. For example, [[Countries#​Getsun]] doesn'​t get to be an individual page; it's one of the sections on the [[Countries]] page.

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