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 Contributors welcome! Contributors welcome!
-**To prevent spam,** new users don'​t ​automatically get the power to create/edit pages. If you'​re ​real person, ​first create an account, then [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​|comment on any strip]] with the username and ask to be upgraded to editor access.+To prevent spam, you can'​t ​currently register ​new account without being authorized ​first.
-Then follow this mini-guide to update the wiki!+**To get a wiki editor account,** comment on [[https://​leifandthorn.com/​2020/​06/​the-leif-thorn-wiki-is-back-up-and-sparklier-than-ever/​|any Leif & Thorn post (such as this one)]] and ask for one. Mention the username you want, and a registration email with a temporary password will be sent to the address you used. 
 +Then follow this mini-guide to update the articles!
 ====Canon information sources==== ====Canon information sources====

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