The diplomats and staff at the Sønheim Embassy in Ceannis.


A group that includes Leif. All working off debts which are currently owned by the Embassy, as signaled by the fact that their last names are replaced with “of Sønheim.”

Fitted with compulsion microchips embedded in the backs of their necks, with the position marked by an Embassy fleurcode. They use Sønheim Sign to communicate unobtrusively.


Katya Appearances: Katya

Housekeeper and general-purpose servant. Stoic, cautious and quiet, she knows a lot more than she lets on. Covers for her fellow servants in rule-bending situations. Would be totally capable of poisoning someone in their sleep.

Katya was raised by adoptive parents. She's a different ethnicity than Leif, and most of the rest of the staff, though it’s hard for southerners to tell. She is also asexual.

  • Age (first appearance): 30
  • Likes: Lizards, peacetime, secrets
  • Dislikes: Overt conflict, allergy-inducing flowers, certain politicians


Elisa Appearances: Elisa

Kitchen attendant and general-purpose servant. Likes romance novels, making photosets with fashion and cute aesthetics, baked goods, and fun memes. She's bi/pan, though she spends more time getting emotionally invested in fictional characters than real-life crushes.

Elisa has two dads. She's a native speaker of Sønheim Sign, as one of her dads is deaf. The other was one of the trapped miners in Landslide Bring Me Down.

  • Age (first appearance): 21


Torsten Appearances: Torsten

Kitchen attendant and general-purpose servant. Avid fan of fantasy hockey.


The counterparts to Thorn and his team. Officially their allies, although unofficially they may have clashing goals.

Most of them have a high level of Ceannic understanding, although their ability to speak it varies.

Minor/unnamed guard appearances: Embassy guards

Sigrún Storre

Sigrún Appearances: Captain Sigrún

Stoic crack shot Captain of the guards. Has wings, which grew in her early 20s. Doesn't have much time for reading, but will watch the musical.

Her last name is pronounced “story.”

  • Age (first appearance): 35
  • Likes: Adults, crossbows, musicals, tiny things
  • Dislikes: Disease, nature

Geirölul Lilblomma

Geirölul Lilblomma Appearances: Geirölul Lilblomma

Optimistic young guard. “Lulen” to her friends. Throat scar. Loves kids. Used to be an indentured servant.

Róta Loptfreyr

Róta Loptfreyr Appearances: Róta Loptfreyr

Cocky young guard. Low on patience. Same ethnicity as Katya.

Alruna Haetta

Alruna Haetta Appearances: Alruna Haetta

Nonbinary guard (ze/zir). Another minority ethnicity, and the first person in zir district to be approved for foreign service.

Speaks Ceannic with stilted grammar, but a strong vocabulary.

Brynhildr Gyllenhallr

Brynhildr Gyllenhallr Appearances: Brynhildr Gyllenhallr

Shy large guard. Cheek/ear scar. Too embarrassed about her low Ceannic skill to speak it.


All high-level officials are required to be fluent in both Sønska and Ceannic. They have accents in spoken Ceannic, but in writing you wouldn't know it wasn't their native language.

Sven Nibelungsen

Sven Nibelungsen Appearances: Sven Nibelungsen

Culture Minister, Reports directly to the ambassador. Single dad to twin girls, Ragnild and Iona.

  • Age (first appearance): 37

Ambassador Beringar

Ambassador Beringar Appearances: Ambassador Beringar

Newly appointed head diplomat from Sønheim to Ceannis.

  • Age (first appearance): 54


Manager Ludolf

Ludolf Andersson Appearances: Ludolf Andersson

Coordinator of all the servants at the Embassy, making him the direct supervisor of Leif and the others. Shows a matter-of-fact disregard for their privacy and feelings. Bichromatic eyes (brown/purple), prematurely grey hair.

  • Age (first appearance): 44

Sigvard Blixt

Sigvard Blixt Appearances: Sigvard Blixt

Local tech support, spycraft tech included.


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