In-universe fiction.

The Day The Moons Collided

High-drama, scientifically-nonsensical Ceannic disaster movie.


Electropunk is an entire subgenre of speculative fiction. It takes place in an alternate history where modern magitech never developed, so people use exotic devices powered by electricity instead. It’s also a fashion aesthetic involving a lot of wires and blinking lights.

Hedge and Grassie

Stars Hedge (right) and Grassie (left) Excerpts: Hedge and Grassie
Full episode: “Grassie Takes Sønheic Lessons
Interrupted episode: “Grassie Knows Her History

Early Ceannic crystal broadcast comedy focusing on Hedge & Grassie's misadventures. The title characters are a real married couple who played exaggerated versions of themselves.


Grassie Amande: Brilliant and talented actress. Plays an exaggerated version of herself on TV. Has the hardest job in show business: she gets the most lines, they’re mostly pure nonsense, and she has to memorize them exactly or the jokes won’t work.

Hedge Dubois: Charming and dapper actress. Basically plays herself on TV. Has an impish streak, but mostly she’s the sensible, sometimes-exasperated, always-loving foil to Grassie’s…free spirit.


Bell Estragon (no relation): Ad woman, the suave announcer from the audio show.

Hibiscus "Hibby" La Val (f): Ad woman on the TV series. Plays a lovable, put-upon version of herself, perpetually getting caught up in Grassie’s schemes and then fired by Hedge.

Supporting cast:

Blandfordia "Blan" Monarde: Grassie’s in-universe best friend/next-door neighbor. Loves her dearly but understands her rarely. Played by Bay Bergamot.

Hibiscus "Hibby" Monarde (nb): Blan’s spouse. Usually cranky about what the neighbors are up to. Played by multiple actors.

Ms. Riisgård: One-off teacher who tried to give Grassie Sønheic lessons.

Holger Saga

Violet & Rowan dressed as Hildegard & Holger Written by Astrid Rødlund, the Holger Saga wildly popular in the original Sønska as well as most translations. It's the third most popular saga in the Ceannic language.

Contains unrealistic things like “whales” and the “stock market”. Overuses timely dramatic cutaways. Represents vampires as scary but noble, in a way that Sønheim's real vampires appreciate (and pressured Rødlund's editors to insist on).

Endgame ship is Holger/Viggo, although the rival ship Holger/Gertrud (he covered for some hijinks of hers in chapter 4) has a devoted following. Another character, Hildegard, suffered a dragon bite that never fully healed, and continues to use a cane post-series. Her characterization was radically changed in the original animated adaptation.


In-universe poster for Leachtric The new hit Ceannic musical of the story of Leachtric, the titular character, the founder of modern Ceannic democracy. Amazing soundtrack. Sold out for the next year.

Magical Crime Law Investigation Squad

Splash photo for MCLIS In the criminal justice system, magically-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In this police procedural franchise, the dedicated magical girls who investigate these crimes are known as the Magical Crime Law Investigation Squad. These are their stories.

The flagship show MCLIS, and its most popular spinoff, MCLIS: Quartz City, are both United Islands productions. Several other countries have created their own localized adaptations.

The whole franchise is known for strong legal drama, although the accuracy of the magic and forensics is dubious.

Magical Storm Rune Svanhvit

Holly A Sønska magical-girl comic, starring Magical Storm Rune Svanhvit. Her sidekick is a purple fox.

Pretty Combat Mountaineer Geirskögul

Ivy dressed as Pretty Combat Mountaineer Geirskögul The latest flashy Sønska show all the kids are watching. Stars the magical girl Pretty Combat Mountaineer Geirskögul. Sidekick is a raptor in a bow tie.


  • A wacky Ceannic sci-fi program whose main character is an alien called “Franklin Roosevelt”. Tansy's a big fan.
  • In-universe equivalent of The Wizard of Oz, centered on Ev and featuring Princess Evrose.


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