Thorn's core team and their heartswords Heartswords are magical weapons forged by the soul, and drawn out of the chest. Their appearance is based on the user's personality, and will colour coordinate with hair and eye colours.

Once someone is trained to draw their heartsword, they can summon it at different sizes, and alter its sharpness to be safe for sparring practice.

Unaltered, the blade will cut through anything except other heartweapons, or equally-magical items.

It can't be used against the owner, although repeatedly drawing/sheathing the sword leaves a distinctive chest scar, the size of which can vary depending on the size of the blade. It also can't be stolen, or even taken very far without the owner's express permission. It can't stay corporeal after the soul has left the owner's body.

Learning to summon a heartsword requires a lot of self-knowledge, so the trainers get to know the students very well and can make strong predictions on what will be drawn - handy if you're recruiting for a Secret Order of Monster Hunters. However, some students can be really thorough at faking their feelings enough to surprise. No one knew Marula was going to pull out a bone saw until she did.

Heartsword Types

Weapon type is determined by personality. (Thorn Explains: common types, rare types.)

As in the name, heartswords are most commonly swords, although they can be other weapons such as axes or daggers.

Types of blades that aren't in the heartsword record include: the machete, urumi, steel whip, hook sword, flame-bladed sword, and decorative toothpick.

Non-bladed heartswords are currently theoretical. Urban legends about “heartstaffs” are probably based on magical girls who were misidentified. (Or who were deliberately messing with people.)

Common types

Heartsword types

Backsword (and/or chokuto): Straight, single-edged blade.

Wielders can be pessimists or cynics, always prepared for something to go wrong. They're practical and determined, good at working toward reasonable goals and setting healthy boundaries. (Juniper Sel, Moss, Artie Carver, Kokum Hooper)

Broadsword (and/or basket-hilted sword): Double-edged blade, fancy hilt that covers the grip.

Wielders are noble-hearted idealists who have a strong sense of justice. They tend to be optimists, believing it's worth following their principles even when dangerous or difficult. (Thorn, Violet Dupont, Senna L'hysope, Sir Rhódon, Sepal)

Rapier (and/or estoc): Narrow blade for thrusting.

Wielders are sweet, sensitive, and attentive to detail. They tend to be modest about their own skills, and work hard to make sure the people around them are happy and getting along. (Birch Persil, Quince Malina)

Saber (and/or scimitar, cutlass, dao): Wide, dramatically-curved blade.

Wielders are confident, uncompromising, and hold everyone – including themselves – to high standards. They tend to go after big goals, and respond well to thoughtful criticism. (Rowan Muscade, Peach Pescher-Argyros, Geranium Sureau)

Rare types

Axe (and/or halberd, poleaxe): Heavy bladed head with a long sturdy handle. Wielders are seen as ruthless, cold, and prepared to use any amount of force without hesitation. Subtlety and emotional softness don't come easily to them; they're good at confronting their problems head-on. (Delphinium)

Bonesaw: Medical instrument. Wielders enjoy cutting people up. They don't develop deep emotional bonds or concern for others, although they don't mind faking it when it's in their own self-interest. Almost never seen. (Marula Sheaver)

Dagger (and/or dirk, kris, sica, stiletto): Short double-edged blade. Wielders are seen as sneaky, untrustworthy, and prepared to stab anyone in the back. In fact, they can be very loyal to the people/places/ideals they decide are worth caring about, but that's usually a short list. (Agent D10) Heartsword rare types

Katana (and/or kodachi): Curved, single-edged blade, two-handed grip, square guard. Wielders are dignified and precise. Originally thought to be a subset of Sabers, but are more reserved, better at working around the limits of others instead of getting impatient with them.

Khopesh: Hook-shaped blade, sharpened on the outside of the curve. Wielders are assumed to be emotionally unstable and bad at self reflection. Almost never seen.

Lei o Mano: Weapons made with shark teeth for the blades. Come in a range of shapes, including knives, clubs, and hoops. Heart-weapons of Tamaputians (as opposed to humans) come out like this.

Longsword (and/or claymore): Straight, double-edged blade, long and heavy, two-handed grip. Wielders are talented overachievers. Rare in the general population, but over-represented in successful heartsword-wielders, since once they get into training they're most likely to succeed. Usually drawn in a compressed form and then expanded. (Pascentia Zikos)

Smallsword (and/or court sword, dress sword): Shorter and lighter version of a rapier. Wielders are attested to in historical records, but have not been seen in the modern era. They're said to be showy, unfit for the stresses of real combat, and the decline in heart-smallsword wielders is usually attributed to stricter modern training programs.

Xiphos: Leaf-shaped (widening before the point), double-edged blade, shortsword. Heart-xiphoi wielders have also not been seen in the modern era, and their typical traits are unclear in the historical record.


Image of Rhódon and various reincarnations holding their heartsword A person who has been reincarnated will draw the same heartsword, even if they don't remember their previous incarnation.

Reincarnations of Sir Rhódon, the first person to draw a heartsword, have been identified several times over the centuries. The most recent one is Leachtric.

Rowan’s heartsword is on record at the National Museum in their 16th-century collection, complete with a little biographical sketch. Thorn and Violet both have swords that only appear in ancient, faded, flaking records, with no personal details that survived. Peach’s sword has been recorded twice: one from a few centuries ago, one much older. Birch and Juniper, nothing yet.


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