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Historical Ceannic characters, mostly portrayed in Leachtric.


Appearances: Leachtric

Reincarnation of Rhódon, who drew Rhódon's heartsword in training, and didn't want to be Queen. She kept the whole thing a secret for years, but the King at the time started making disastrous decisions, so she stepped up and turned Ceannis' monarchy into a democracy, serving as the first President.

Played by the writer, Lynwood Merdhuile, in the musical.

  • Heartsword type: Broadsword
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Order: Compass


Appearances: Mistel

Squire to Leachtric.

Played by Cedar Oseille in the musical.


Appearances: Artemisia

Military leader, and heartsword trainer to Leachtric. Reincarnated (without memories, identified by sword) as Artie Carver.


Appearances: Palmeti

Presumed star mage who loved Leachtric. Long-runner, reincarnated as Acai.


Appearances: Telga

Historical right-hand mage to Leachtric.

  • Domain: Stars
  • Base affinity: Water
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

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