Historical characters from Ceannis.

Years in Ceannis are counted from the country's founding (start of the Rhodonite Era). When it was a monarchy, any reincarnation of Rhódon (identified by heartsword) had first dibs on the throne; Ceannic history is broken into Eras starting from whenever a new incarnation is crowned.

Since the country became a democracy, Leachtric's Era is counted from the day she was inaugurated, roughly 300 years before the story starts. No new incarnations have been identified since, so the Leachtric Era is still going.

Rhodonite Era


Rhódon In the comic: Rhódon

See Sir Rhódon.

Semi-mythical hero, epic founder of Ceannis just over 3000 years before the start of the series (in 0 RE).

First person to draw a heartsword (broadsword), known as the Blossoming Sword. All the other knights are just copying her.

Translated as “Rózsa” in Sønska.



Original incarnation of the Time Mage.

Allied with, and later married to, Rhódon. Their (presumed) anniversary is a Ceannic national holiday.

A long-runner, she reincarnates unusually often, and remembers her whole history when she does. Which can be a little overwhelming when later incarnations of Rhódon are identified.

Her current incarnation is known as Acai.

Xiphilina Era


Xiphilina In the comic: Rhódon

Reincarnation of Rhódon.

Took the throne approximately 1600 years before the start of the comic (1439 RE).

Gave a nice inspirational speech to the Time Mage, who was going by Palmeti at that point.

Leachtric Era

Most of these images aren't the historical figures, but the actors who portrayed them in the popular musical Leachtric.


Artemisia In the comic: Artemisia

Military leader, and heartsword trainer to Leachtric.

At first Leachtric hid that she had drawn the Blossoming Sword; Artemisia was the first person she told, and became her first supporter.

Reincarnated (without memories, identified by heartsword) as Artie Carver.


Leachtric In the comic: Leachtric

Reincarnation of Rhódon, who drew Rhódon's heartsword in training, and didn't want to be Queen.

She kept the whole thing a secret for years, but the King at the time started making disastrous decisions, so she stepped up and turned Ceannis' monarchy into a democracy, serving as the first President.

Played by the writer, Lynwood Merdhuile, in the musical.

  • Heartsword type: Broadsword
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán
  • Order: Compass


Mistel In the comic: Mistel

Squire to Leachtric. He joined the army at 14, six months after his hometown was flooded; all the crops were ruined, and everyone who had the means to move out, did.

The monarchy set in the army to provide support and fix the infrastructure; they stayed for a week and rebuilt one road. But Mistel admired their ability to get a steady salary and regular meals, so he pretended to be 18 in order to enlist.

Played by Cedar Oseille in the musical.


Palmeti In the comic: Palmeti

Incarnation of the Time Mage who was alive for the founding of Ceannic democracy.

Tried having a beard this time around. May have still used “she” pronouns, exclusively or non-exclusively. The sources aren't consistent.

Currently incarnated as Acai, who was invited to give feedback on her portrayal in the musical, but politely declined.


Telga In the comic: Telga

Historical right-hand mage to Leachtric. She grew up in an underprivileged area, and developed a full range of high-level powers without former training, which she used to protect her community from government authorities that mostly existed to suppress them.

Telga was eventually imprisoned for interfering with police actions, but not before making a good impression on Leachtric. Once Leachtric took over Ceannis, she had Telga released and offered her a leading government role: enforcing laws against the rich and powerful, so their taxes could be used to support social services and equality for everyone else.

  • Domain: Stars
  • Base affinity: Water
  • Ethnicity: Aibreán

Winberie and Brod

Winberie and Brod In the comic: Leachtric's allies

…and the rest!

Winberie is a political historian, and Leachtric's ex-girlfriend (they're still friends).

Brod is an economist, and Winberie's eventual husband.

Usually Leachtric gets all the credit for inventing democracy, but these two helped design a system with staying power.


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