Just a nice non-suspenseful entrance by a procession of Kolpovision contestants

Kolpovision is the Leif & Thorn in-universe version of Eurovision.

The Kolpovision Song Contest is an annual international song competition, held every year by the Kolpovision Network crystal broadcasting company, with participants representing countries across the Kolpos region.


Entrants must come from countries where the Kolpovision Network is licensed to broadcast. Once a country has been accepted as a contestant, it's allowed to come up with its own process for choosing which song to nominate. The maximum length is 3 minutes. Magic is allowed for practical effects, but can't be used to create illusions out of thin air, or to create (or enhance) any part of the audio.

The winning songs are all performed live on stage in a one-night multinational celebration. Each country gets a jury vote (a team of professionals) and a televote (viewers calling in), where they can't vote for their own country, and points are awarded to their ten highest-voted songs.

The country with the highest point total wins, the performers do a reprise of the song, and their home country begins preparing the venue for when they host next year.


When the Gulf Empire dominated the Kolpos region, they held a cycle of annual contests: open to any citizen of the Empire, its colonies, and its territories. One was for athletic events, one was for dance and performances, one was for magic, and every fourth year was the Kolympic Song Contest.

The contests died out with the decline of the Empire, around when Ceannis was founded by Rhódon.

In the early 2900's RE (about 100 years before Leif meets Thorn), the idea was revived by an international broadcast network. Since at the time it was easier and more accessible to transmit audio, they decided to just make every year the Song Contest.

Ceannis won Kolpovision in 3009 and 3012. Thorn has a viewing party for Kolpovision 3013.


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