Leif Appearances: Leif

Colleagues: Embassy staff

Leif is a gardener and general-purpose lowest-tier servant at the Embassy of Sønheim in Ceannis. He went into servitude to pay off a debt of 52.4 million marks, for reasons he doesn't like to talk about. Heavily driven by guilt, though it feels lighter in Thorn’s presence.

Earnest and patriotic, Leif starts off taking it for granted that Sønheim is the best in the world at everything, whether it's music, grammar, cooking, or health insurance coverage. Extended time and conversation (and gradual falling in love) with Thorn chips away at that conviction.

Helpful and patient when it comes to correcting Thorn's Sønska. Has no idea his own name is a pun in Ceannic. (Nobody tell him.)

Ethnicity: Sønska
Affiliation: Sønheim Embassy
Zodiac sign: Craobh-ròs (the Rose Tree)
Age (first appearance): Late 20's
Languages: Sønska, Sønheim Sign

Likes: Flowers, snowy nights, sunshiney days, light rain when it's warm out, kink, death metal (favorite bands are Dómari, like the deity, and Evärdlig), cute flowy clothing, handsome people with muscles

Dislikes: Neck-licking, debt, spicy food, talking or thinking about his parents

Special skills: Hedge trimming, flower arrangement, singing, ice skating, putting self in excessive danger

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