Leif In the comic: Leif of Sønheim

Leif is a gardener and general-purpose lowest-tier servant at the Embassy of Sønheim in Ceannis. He went into servitude to pay off a debt of 52.4 million marks, for reasons he doesn't like to talk about. Heavily driven by guilt, though it feels lighter in Thorn’s presence.

Earnest and patriotic, Leif starts off taking it for granted that Sønheim is the best in the world at everything, whether it's music, grammar, cooking, or health insurance coverage.

Has no idea his own name is a pun in Ceannic. (Nobody tell him.)

Ethnicity: Sønska
Affiliation: Sønheim Embassy
Zodiac sign: Craobh-ròs (the Rose Tree)
Age (first appearance): Late 20's
Languages: Sønska, Sønheim Sign

Likes: Flowers, snowy nights, sunshiney days, light rain when it's warm out, kink, death metal (favorite bands are Dómari, like the deity, and Evärdlig), cute flowy clothing, handsome people with muscles

Dislikes: Neck-licking, debt, spicy food, talking or thinking about his parents

Special skills: Hedge trimming, flower arrangement, singing, ice skating, putting self in excessive danger

Debut: Homecoming 7/24
Major appearances: most of the comic – see Timeline


Leif gets along well with the other Embassy servants. He looks up information for Katya, and came up with a plan to have Thorn pay off the last of Elisa's debt.

He stays quiet and deferential around the Embassy guards and diplomats. His direct supervisor is Ludolf Andersson, who is shamelessly manipulative; Leif does his best to play along to Ludolf's satisfaction.

Develops an attraction to Thorn pretty early, but is convinced it can only be one-sided – first because Thorn doesn't date, later because Thorn claims he's in love and Leif doesn't trust those feelings. Still, they keep spending time together, and finding ways to be intimate that aren't in breach of Leif's contract, until he finally faces his Waterloo.

Helpful and patient when it comes to correcting Thorn's Sønska. In return, Thorn chips away at Leif's nationalism.

Leif encounters Kale a few times while in Thorn's company, then they get friendly enough to start texting. Kale is fluent in Sønska, and more familiar with Sønheim's cultural practices than Thorn is, so Leif finds it relaxing to be understood. He's figured out that there's something strange about Kale's situation, but makes a point of not noticing any details, so he has nothing to give up if the Embassy asks.

His parents are dead, and he doesn't like to talk or think about them, to the point where he didn't find out about his mother's death until almost a decade later. Leif's mother does show up in flashback, and seems to care for Leif more than he realized.


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