Other Characters

Other Characters: Everyone from the countries that don't have their own pages. (As opposed to Ceannic characters, Sonska characters, and Tamaputians.)


Kolpovision contestants

Kolpovision contestants In the comic: Kolpovision contestants

All the unnamed performers shown at Kolpovision, from all their various countries.

The first group to appear in-strip was the Ceannic winning team from 3012. Thorn holds a viewing party for the 3013 contest in Plus Ones.

Performances from 3013:


Characters from Getsun.

Birch's Parents

United Islands

Characters from United Islands.

Ice Cream Wives

Ice Cream Wives In the comic: Ice Cream Wives

Owners of an ice cream shop that got into debt, and needed Dex's help to get out. After going into business together, setting up their own three-way marriage contract was a piece of cake.

Colata (with the Neapolitan hair) has a casual accent and an embarrassing browser history.

Fragaria (with the strawberry hair) has a serious accent and a habit of making deals.

Unnamed Ice Cream Wife #3 (with the mint-chocolate hair) has an elegant accent and a penchant for dessert-themed puns.


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