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The countries in Norden have a long history of annexing each other, and Sønheim has currently absorbed most of its formerly-independent neighbors, incorporating their noble families into its own aristocracy.

Because it's in the polar region, the seasons are different. “Summer” is the part of the year when it’s never fully dark outside, and “winter” is the rest of it — subdivided into parts that are usually translated as Early Winter, Darkest Winter (when it's never fully light outside), and Still Winter.

Has a system of indentured servitude for debtors, including Leif.

Traditional food is flavorful but not spicy, including moose jerky and lingonberry tea.

  • Region: Norden
  • Currency: marks
  • Epithet: Sønska, Sønheic (Ceannis), Sønhai (Getsun)
  • Official language: Sønska


Flag of Sønheim The Sønska government includes a President and a three-house legislature.

The House of the Sun is made up of hereditary nobility; the House of Commons is elected by the people; and the House of the Moon is made up of vampires.

Notable places

Hammer Falls: Town where Leif was born. Near the iceward end of the Brightwater River.

Hatchetbury: Town at the foot of the mountain where Stanczia's castle is located. Servants pick up the vampires' mail at the Hatchetbury post office.

Månborg: Former independent nation, relatively recently annexed into being a region of Sønheim.

River Deep: River on whose banks Imri grew up. He attended Mountain High.

Skagendal: Former independent nation, annexed into being a region of Månborg about 180 years ago.


Szélanyanatt: Winter solstice festival, celebrating the young Queen Szélanya.

Romance Holiday: Festival that takes place towards the end of winter as birds wake from hibernation, devoted to romance. Couples go out barefoot in the snow to go bird-watching and throw snowballs at each other.

Dísablót: First-day-of-summer festival, traditionally honoring warriors. Literally translates as “Ribbon Day”, but often translated as “the day of spring” to languages that recognize “spring” as a season. (When trying to translate that word into Sønska, it's either transliterated, or called “Ribbon Season.”)

World Idol: Annual nationwide music contest. No other countries are involved. All other countries raise their eyebrows at the name.


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