Sønska Characters

Sønska Characters (other): Everyone from Sønheim who isn't covered under Leif, Embassy Staff, or Vampires.

Living in Ceannis

Iona Nibelungsen

Iona Nibelungsen In the comic: Iona Nibelungsen

Quiet, determined twin daughter of Sven Nibelungsen. Pays close attention to her schoolwork (she's pretty good at Ceannic by now) and to the world around her; she picks up more of what's going on than adults realize.

Iona uses a floating chair, due to congenital limb malformation. It hovers a certain distance off the ground, but can't fly to unlimited heights or carry too many people.

High resistance to the memory-blocking effects of the Woman in Black. Impressed some vampires one time.

  • Age (first appearance): 11
  • Likes: swimming, pretty women, the Holger Saga
  • Dislikes: being talked down to, not having choices
Major appearances

Ragnild Nibelungsen

Ragnild Nibelungsen In the comic: Ragnild Nibelungsen

Loud, determined twin daughter of Sven Nibelungsen. Strong-willed and energetic, she doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, no matter how demanding or direct. Sees herself as Iona's assigned protector, and will fiercely defend her.

Ragnild doesn't have much patience for schoolwork, especially fractions; she takes lessons in Ceannic, but is still very halting at it. Has a pet ferret, Ketil.

  • Age (first appearance): 11
  • Likes: hiking, pretty boys, the Holger Saga
  • Dislikes: people bothering her sister, foreign languages, fractions
Major appearances

Ralph Magnusson

Ralph Magnusson In the comic: Ralph Magnusson

Manager of a branch of the Moose Grill fast-food restaurant, serving traditional Sønska food.


Survivors trapped in the mine collapse. Also included Ceannic miners and the fire mage Bramble.

Minor/unnamed relatives: mine families

Patrik Gagarr

Patrik Gagarr In the comic: Patrik Gagarr

Mine consultant, one leg short.

Expy of Patrick from But I'm A Cat Person.


Arnulf In the comic: Arnulf

Mine consultant, big on charts.

Elisa's Dads

Elisa's dads In the comic: Elisa's family

Malmfred Svansson is the one of Elisa's fathers who was injured in the mine collapse. Her other father, Malmfred's husband, is Vainø. (Elisa is biologically the child of Malmfred and of Vainø's sister.)

Vainø is deaf, and has Sønheim Sign as a first language. Malmfred has it as a second language. Elisa is natively bilingual.

The two men had saved a significant amount of money to buy out Elisa's contract, but most of it was wiped out by medical bills after the rescue, since Sønheim has terrible health-insurance coverage.


Astrid Rødlund

Astrid Rødlund In the comic: Astrid Rødlund

Bestselling author of the Holger Saga. Good with kids. Heavily influenced by the passion of Holger Saga fans. Eventually reveals a hostility toward servants, distressing many of her fans.

  • Age (first appearance): Late 40's
Major appearances
  • Vampire Masquerade: signs books for fans, assures the vampires that she only writes sympathetic things about them, assures Hyacinth Lavande she'll write something different in her next saga
  • This Storyline Is Canceled: makes comments about how servants are basically pampered (and the phrase “people who drink blood” is offensive to vampires), causing an uproar on the net, and prompting Iona and Ragnild to ask awkward questions about servitude

Manager Ingrid

Manager Ingrid In the comic: Manager Ingrid

Former manager of the Rocky Rapids Guest Lodge, which buys new servants at discounted rates in order to train them. Leif's first (and possibly nicest) owner. Died of the novel brumavirus.

  • Age (first appearance): 70's
Major appearances

Little White-Haired Girl

Who is she In the comic: Little White-Haired Girl

Mysterious long-runner child. First seen in a bonus strip published February 2018; not actually introduced until October 2021 (with her design changed in the meantime).

Her given name in this incarnation is Dagny, but she's probably not keeping it.

Rocky Rapids staff

Rocky Rapids staff In the comic: Rocky Rapids staff

Miscellaneous workers at the Rocky Rapids Guest Lodge.

Includes a crew of permanent paid staff, and a rotating complement of new servants.



Valrún of Pottersfield In the comic: Valrún of Pottersfield

Prisoner from Pottersfield (a “wrecker”, held legally responsible for a deadly incident, though she claims it was an accident). Seen only in flashback during the brumavirus outbreak storylines.

Same hair color and style as Leif, except in the Side Ponytail of Dead Anime Mothers. Paying off the same debt as Leif. Definitely Leif's mom, huh.

  • Age (first appearance): 40-ish
Major appearances
  • Part 3: first purchased from Pottersfield by the vampires
  • Part 4: comes down with the brumavirus (which leave her coughing too much to reveal her name), talks about how long-runner criminals should simply not get caught, says she won't try to escape because her son will be taken into servitude in her place
  • Part 5: subject of debate as the other servants find a picture that looks like her son, in servitude already, and worry whether they should let her know
  • Part 6: dies under plausibly-not-suicidal circumstances

Vampire servants

Servant lineup

In the comic: Vampire servants

Various staff members in the castle of Lady Stanczia and Lord Imri. Seen in flashback during the Quarantine With The Vampire series.

So expendable, they're only referred to by hair color.

  • Red (she): indentured servant, delivers breakfast & mail, understandably anxious
  • Orange (he): indentured servant, driver/unicorn handler, folksy accent
  • Yellow (ze/they): employee, guard at the gates, lives with roommates, goes clubbing in free time
  • Chartreuse (she): indentured servant (house crushed by an avalanche), manager-type, follows the news, likes net-comics
  • Green (he): employee, temporary cleaning staff, over-confident
  • Teal (she): employee, temporary cleaning staff, over-panicky
  • Cyan (he): indentured servant (medical debt for a prosthetic hand), food services, unclear on how health insurance works
  • Blue (ze/they): prisoner from Pottersfield (drug dealer), ex-doctor,
  • Indigo (he): prisoner from Pottersfield (Månborg separatist fighter), long-runner, reincarnated 80-ish years after his previous death to serve his next life sentence
  • Purple (she): Valrún

Servant lineup

Major appearances
    • Introduces Red (strip 1/11), Orange (strip 5/11), Yellow (strip 7/11), and Chartreuse (strip 8/11)
    • Lockdown begins
    • Red breaks it to ride to town and pick up mail
    • Red, Orange, and Yellow isolated for varying degrees of illness.
    • Introduces Green and Teal (strip 1/16), and Cyan (strip 5/16)
    • New hired hands Green and Teal are shown the castle isolation procedures
    • Green breaks them, gets serious illness, is drained by the vampires
    • Teal panics, breaks contract, is drained by the vampires
    • Chartreuse and Cyan commiserate
    • Introduces Blue, Indigo, and Valrún (strip 6/13), who integrate with the staff
    • Existing servants and patients rejoice that a vaccine is approved, even though it's not widely available yet
    • Vaccine still restricted, but tests are widely available and brought to the castle
    • About half have had the virus; none are contagious now except Valrún, who gets sick and is isolated
    • Red and Orange are returned to work (in spite of Red's ongoing breathing difficulties)
    • Yellow is sent home, still a free citizen (but with an exciting new debt)
    • Cyan with his antibodies assists Valrún
    • Blue lifts medical supplies from the doctor who visited with the tests
    • Indigo throws himself out a window
    • Vaccine starts being released to servants, leading Red and Blue to a news article that shows Leif in servitude
    • Whole staff speculates on whether he's the son of the still-sick Valrún, and whether to tell her
    • Chartreuse gets vaccinated, recovers from the effects while staying with her grandmother, who offers both “a way to disable your microchip” and “expensive miracle multivitamins”
    • The remaining non-prisoner servants discover that Blue's stories don't add up
    • Valrún dies, which Red attributes to sketchy medical advice from Blue
    • Post-outbreak, the non-prisoners are shown enjoying their lives post-servitude, while Blue has a permanent position at the castle introducing the vampires' next round of servants

Servant lineup


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