Everyone from Sønheim who isn't covered under Leif, Embassy staff, or vampires.

Living in Ceannis

Ragnild Nibelungsen

Ragnild Nibelungsen Appearances: Ragnild Nibelungsen

Louder twin daughter of Sven Nibelungsen. Strong-willed and energetic, she doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, no matter how demanding or direct. Sees herself as Iona's assigned protector, and will fiercely defend her.

Ragnild doesn't have much patience for schoolwork, especially fractions; she takes lessons in Ceannic, but is still very halting at it. Has a pet ferret, Ketil.

  • Age (first appearance): 11

Iona Nibelungsen

Iona Nibelungsen Appearances: Iona Nibelungsen

The quieter twin, but no less determined. Pays close attention to her schoolwork (she's pretty good at Ceannic by now) and to the world around her; she picks up more of what's going on than adults realize.

Iona uses a floating chair, due to congenital limb malformation. It hovers a certain distance off the ground, but can't fly to unlimited heights or carry too many people.

High resistance to the memory-blocking effects of the Woman in Black. Impressed some vampires one time.

  • Age (first appearance): 11

Ralph Magnusson

Ralph Magnusson Appearances: Ralph Magnusson

Manager of a branch of the Moose Grill fast-food restaurant, serving traditional Sønska food.


Survivors trapped in the mine collapse. Also included Ceannic miners and the fire mage Bramble.

Minor/unnamed relatives are tagged under mine families.

Patrik Gagarr

Patrik Gagarr Appearances: Patrik Gagarr

Mine consultant, one leg short.


Arnulf Appearances: Arnulf

Mine consultant, big on charts.

Elisa's Dads

Elisa's dads Appearances: Elisa's dads

Malmfred Svansson is the one of Elisa's fathers who was injured in the mine collapse. Her other father, Malmfred's husband, is Vainø. (Elisa is biologically the child of Malmfred and Vainø's sister.)

Vainø is deaf, and has Sønheim Sign as a first language. Malmfred has it as a second language. Elisa is natively bilingual.

The two men had saved a significant amount of money to buy out Elisa's contract, but most of it was wiped out by medical bills after the rescue, since Sønheim has terrible health-insurance coverage.


Astrid Rødlund

Astrid Rødlund Appearances: Astrid Rødlund

Bestselling author of the Holger Saga. Good with kids. Heavily influenced by the passion of Holger Saga fans.

  • Age (first appearance): 47

Little White-Haired Girl

Who is she Appearances: Little White-Haired Girl

Mysterious child whose design will probably have completely changed by the time she makes her proper debut in the story.



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