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 ==== Ragnild Nibelungsen ==== ==== Ragnild Nibelungsen ====
-{{:ragnildcharacterimage.png?nolink |}}Appearances:​ [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​ragnild-nibelungsen/​|Ragnild Nibelungsen]]+{{:cs-ragnild.png?nolink |}}Appearances:​ [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​ragnild-nibelungsen/​|Ragnild Nibelungsen]]
-Daughter ​of [[embassy staff#Sven Nibelungsen]]. Strong-willed, ​protective twin of Iona. Has a pet ferret, [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​ketil/​|Ketil]].+Louder twin daughter ​of [[embassy staff#Sven Nibelungsen]]. Strong-willed ​and energeticshe doesn'​t hesitate to speak her mind, no matter how [[https://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​sweet-summer-children-114/​|demanding]] or [[https://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​the-show-must-grow-on-overture-19-21/​|direct]]. Sees herself as Iona's assigned protector, and will fiercely defend her. 
 +Ragnild doesn'​t have much patience for schoolwork, especially fractions; she takes lessons in Ceannic, but is still very halting at it. Has a pet ferret, [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​ketil/​|Ketil]].
   * Age (first appearance):​ 11   * Age (first appearance):​ 11
 ==== Iona Nibelungsen ==== ==== Iona Nibelungsen ====
-{{:ionacharacterimage.png?nolink |}}Appearances:​ [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​iona-nibelungsen/​|Iona Nibelungsen]]+{{:c1-iona.png?nolink |}}Appearances:​ [[http://​leifandthorn.com/​character/​iona-nibelungsen/​|Iona Nibelungsen]] 
 +The quieter twin, but no less determined. Pays close attention to her schoolwork (she's pretty good at Ceannic by now) and to the world around her; she picks up more of what's going on than adults realize. 
 +Iona uses a floating chair, due to congenital limb malformation. It hovers a certain distance off the ground, but can't fly to unlimited heights or carry too many people.
-The quieter twin, but no less determinedHas a floating chair, due to congenital limb malformation,​ that hovers rather than flies+[[https://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​the-show-must-grow-on-act-ii-17-55/​|High resistance ​to the memory-blocking effects]] of the Woman in Black. [[https://​leifandthorn.com/​comic/​vampire-masquerade-3266/​|Impressed some vampires]] one time.
   * Age (first appearance):​ 11   * Age (first appearance):​ 11
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