Spelltech refers to any equipment using crystals programmed with magic spells.

They can be specific to Northern magic or Southern magic, or can have two sets of programs so they work in both. Even if you don't pay for complete dual functionality, it's standard for every smartcrystal to be double-programmed so it can make emergency calls anywhere.

Types of spelltech

spelltech devicesSingle-purpose crystals make up the majority of spelltech crystals. They'll be installed in an appliance/structure/setting for some specific function – heating, levitation (e.g. for the wheelbarrow at right), air-filtering, snow shoes, whatever.

Data crystals hold information.

Telecrystals send information along long-distance connections via the Network. People are contacted via callsigns, standardized as a six-digit ID (combining numbers and the 26-letter Sønska alphabet) and a two-digit country code. One crystal can host multiple callsigns.

Megacrystals are the boat-sized publicly-accessible data crystals that enable “the social Network” (aka the Cloud), including mass searchability, general viewing, and multi-user update feeds. People can sign up for a facet on a social Network crystal and then interact using the megacrystal's callsign, without having to share personal information.

Leif's braceletSmartcrystals do anything you can install an application spell to do. Post to the Cloud, set a timer, transfer money, get directions, light up, and more. Handheld smartcrystals are a relatively recent innovation.

Multipurpose consoles are as versatile as smartcrystals, and more powerful. Spelltech with simpler interfaces, or no interface at all, can be connected to a console for updates or reprogramming. (If working with Northern magic, this generally involves a metal enclosure.)

Healing crystals can have generalized or specific medical spells. Diamonds are the most popular, although Thorn has a military-grade healing sapphire.

Medical microchips are a type of miniature healing crystal implanted under the skin. They can also be programmed with not-strictly-medical spells, such as compulsions.

The bracelet Thorn made for Leif includes several spelltech gems. The largest is a smartcrystal with a wide range of functions (and its own Clippy to guide Leif through them). The smaller ones are protection and healing crystals.

Wacky Bracelets™ are a kind of toy that was popular in the North about 200 years ago. They beep! They glitter! They beep more! The king of toys.


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