Swords: Axe


Axes are a rare type of heartsword – stretching the category of “sword”, here – with a heavy bladed head and a long sturdy handle.

Wielders are seen as ruthless, cold, and prepared to use any amount of force without hesitation.

The stereotype is that axes don't get emotionally close to people, but it's not impossible, it just doesn't come easily to them. Neither does subtlety. Anyone who gets in their way, or hurts their precious people, is getting confronted head-on.

  • Good influence on: ???
  • Benefits from the support of: ???
  • Leif & Thorn canon wielders: Delphinium
  • Other wielders: Jasper (Steven Universe), Seras Victoria, Kiryuu Nanami

Heartsword Types
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Common types BackswordBroadswordRapierSaber
Rare types AxeBonesawDaggerKatanaLongswordSmallswordLei o Mano

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