Swords: Backsword


Backswords are a type of heartsword with a straight, single-edged blade.

Backsword wielders tend to be cynics or pessimists, because they have a keen eye for “how many ways things can go wrong at any time.” Some deal with this by focusing on how important it is to be prepared, and taking a well-planned, methodical approach to doing just that. Others get apathetic and conflict-avoidant, on the grounds of “if it's so easy to fail, why bother?”

Backswords are practical and determined. When they set a goal – whether it's academic, athletic, career-related, or personal – they'll work hard and with dedication to reach it.

On the flip side: when they conclude a goal just isn't reasonable, they're good at scaling it back, or setting it aside completely, without beating themselves up over the “failure.” This can give them a healthy sense of boundaries and expectations – but it can also lead to them avoiding things they would find productive or fulfilling, because they've underestimated their own abilities.

  • Good influence on: a broadsword whose idealism is making it hard for them to get things done; a saber who's holding themself to unrealistically-high standards; a rapier who's twisting themself in knots trying to please other people
  • Benefits from the support of: a broadsword or a saber who can encourage them to push themselves out of principle sometimes, even if the chances of success are low; a rapier who can encourage them to relax and enjoy themselves without a specific goal at the end
  • Leif & Thorn canon wielders: Juniper Sel, Moss, Artie Carver, Kokum Hooper
  • Other wielders: Akemi Homura, Mizuno Ami, the Scarecrow, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Eleanor Shellstrop, Himemiya Anthy, Leon Orcot, Will Parry, Connie Maheswaran

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