Swords: Broadsword


Broadswords are a type of heartsword with a straight, double-edged blade and a fancy hilt that covers the grip.

Broadsword wielders are noble-hearted idealists who tend to be optimists. They have a strong sense of justice, and care about protecting people – their friends, their loved ones, the world in general. They make good classic hero types, putting others before themselves and following their principles even when it's dangerous or difficult.

Taken to a negative extreme, all this can give them a “saving-people thing” where they rush into danger compulsively, without a healthy amount of planning, consideration, or self-preservation. Or they think more about their own self-assigned role as “rescuer” than about the needs of the person they're “rescuing.”

Broadswords are usually good at being accommodating and cooperative to a wide range of people, balancing between different needs, priorities, and worldviews. They're also good at taking a strong stand against people or ideologies that they see as destructive.

When their judgment is off, a broadsword can end up giving an unhealthy amount of leeway or acceptance to toxic people they think are their allies, or having a knee-jerk hostile reaction based on just one part of a broad and nuanced situation. And when they realize they've misjudged a thing, they're prone to over-correcting in the other direction. As their experience grows, they'll get better at finding the right balance over time.

  • Good influence on: a backsword whose cynicism or pessimism is keeping them from trying anything; a rapier who has trouble standing up for themself; a saber who's trying to do everything alone and has trouble accepting support
  • Benefits from the support of: a backsword who can help them scale down impractical goals; a rapier who can remind them it's okay to think of their own happiness when they're being too self-sacrificing; a saber who can help them hold their ground when they're trying to compromise with an uncompromising person
  • Leif & Thorn canon wielders: Thorn, Violet Dupont, Senna L'hysope, Sir Rhódon, Sepal
  • Other wielders: Miki Sayaka, Kyoko Sakura, Tenou Haruka, Kino Makoto, the Cowardly Lion, Clark Kent/Superman, Harry Potter, Tenjou Utena, Kiryuu Touga

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