Swords: Rapier


Rapiers are a type of heartsword with a narrow blade for thrusting.

Rapier wielders are sweet, sensitive, and attentive to detail. They're kind-hearted peacemakers who just want everyone to be nice and make friends and get along. They usually have a keen eye for other people's feelings, and work hard to make sure everyone is happy.

Rapiers tend to be shy and self-effacing about their own skills, either from a healthy sense of modesty or an unhealthy lack of self-esteem. Some of them genuinely aren't “book smart,” but if they are, they'll downplay it. They easily recognize and admire skills in other people, they just have a hard time doing it for themselves.

They can come across as timid or pushovers because they try so hard not to upset anyone, and because their instinct is to believe nobody's mean on purpose, just misunderstood. It does make them great at connecting with people who are just misunderstood. It also leaves them more vulnerable to active abusers, but over time they can get better at recognizing those and setting healthy boundaries.

Rapiers don't tend to pursue fame, fortune, or careers/skills that require a lot of time and effort. Even if they've built up a healthy sense of confidence in their potential, their biggest ambitions are in the field of “having quiet, low-key lives centered on their relationships with their friends and loved ones.”

  • Good influence on: a backsword who has a hard time relaxing and enjoying themself without a goal at the end; a broadsword who needs someone to remind them their happiness is important; a saber who puts people off by being too blunt and needs a friend to smooth things over
  • Benefits from the support of: a backsword who can remind them it's impossible to please everyone; a broadsword or a saber who can get protective or angry on their behalf when they're too self-conscious to stand up for themself
  • Leif & Thorn canon wielders: Birch Persil, Quince Malina
  • Other wielders: Kaname Madoka, Tsukino Usagi, Tin Woodman, Dorothy Gale, Jason Mendoza, Shinohara Wakaba, Steven Universe, Bertie Wooster

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