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Thorn and Tiernan In the comic: Thorn Estragon

Sir Thorn Estragon is a knight and national hero, having slain a dragon and (unlike most of his teammates) lived to tell the tale. If you do a cloudsearch on his name, you'll be inundated with articles that have more detail than you ever wanted to know.

After going through a lot of recuperation for serious burns (his left arm still has visible scarring and doesn't move like it used to), he's back on the job, and being rewarded with some nice uneventful guard duty at the Sønheim Embassy. There's a prophecy involved, but he doesn't know that.

Ethnicity: Iúilic
Affiliation: Knight of Ceannis (Order of the Chalice)
Heartsword type: Broadsword
Zodiac sign: Adharcach (the Horn)
Age (first appearance): 35
Languages: Northern Ceannic, Sønska (sort of)

Likes: Bhang lassi (not on the job, obviously), fish curry (used to be vegetable curry, but that was pre-cat-soulbond), bagels, Hedge and Grassie, Leachtric, cats, caretaking, Leif

Dislikes: Exploitation, the smell of cooking meat, singing in front of people (he knows he's terrible at it)

Special skills: Weapons training, hand-to-hand combat, mild resistance to memory spells, high emotional intelligence, killed a dragon that one time.

Debut: Homecoming 4/24
Major appearances: most of the comic – see Timeline


Thorn's team trusts and admires him - especially the ones who survived the dragon, and saw firsthand how much damage he took in order to kill it. They share a less-extreme version of his fire-related trauma, and miss their deceased teammates together. Thorn knows he can rely on all of them (…except Marula Sheaver).

Thorn's family is on good terms; he visits his sister regularly now that they're living in the same city, accepts her husband's wrestling challenges, helps take care of her kids, and defends them from the in-laws.

Slowly but steadily falls in love with Leif. At first he resists it, thanks in part to lingering denial about what caused stress in his moms' relationship. Doesn't grasp the full nature of Leif's legal situation at first; it comes up when Thorn tries to confess his feelings. Since then he's been actively trying to understand Leif's situation better, and to help the other Embassy servants in ways Leif suggests.

Rides an otherwise-retired unicorn, Caoimhe.



In the comic: Tiernan

Adorable and excellent cat. Has a therapeutic soulbond with Thorn, created as part of his post-dragon rehabilitation, to help him with PTSD and its complications. Voted the top fan-favorite character in 2020.

Breed: Domestic longhair

Likes: Laser pointers, tuna, being brushed, being petted, being picked up, being Thorn's confidante

Dislikes: Being separated from Thorn, vicarious repressed emotions, fire-spirit fueled storms

Special skills: Can see through the fourth wall

Major appearances

Alternate universes

Future Thorn

In the comic: Future Thorn

An unshaven, eyepatch-wearing, Sønska-fluent version of Thorn who keeps appearing in different parts of the timeline.

Of the present-day cast, so far onlyHolly knows about him. He also gave himself away on a historical Hedge & Grassie set.

Major appearances


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