Thorn S Family

Thorn's family: All the close relatives of Thorn Estragon.

His blood relatives are mostly Iuilic, his in-laws are Aibreán, and his niece and nephew are mixed. All of them have Ceannic as their native language.

Sister and her family

Tansy Lavande

Tansy Lavande In the comic: Tansy Lavande

Thorn's sister, several years older, married to Larch with two children. (Conceived with artificial insemination, and she still has extra eggs on ice, available to Thorn if he wants them.) She's the well-adjusted one, especially when it comes to their parents. Wears reading glasses.

Tansy is a geologist, and can be called up by the government to serve in geology-related emergencies, as seen in Landslide Bring Me Down. She also regularly travels around the world for professional conferences.

Fan of a wacky sci-fi program whose main character is named Franklin Roosevelt. She wore a handmade costume of them one time.

  • Age (first appearance): 39
  • Ethnicity: Iuilic
  • Likes: rocks, tiny people, speculative fiction
  • Dislikes: assumed monogamy

Major appearances

Larch Lavande

Larch Lavande In the comic: Larch Lavande

Thorn's brother-in-law, married to Tansy. Doesn't see sexiness. Can't out-wrestle Thorn, but keeps trying, and he'd rather lose honestly than have his ego soothed with a fake win.

He's a college choir director, and travels frequently with the team for performances at other schools. His favorite coffee mug says “I really Alto stay out of Treble”. (Tansy's counterpart says “Of Quartz I Rock.”)

  • Age (first appearance): 37
  • Ethnicity: Aibrean
  • Likes: music, wrestling, bad puns
  • Dislikes: disorganized houses, dealing with his parents

Major appearances

Hyacinth Lavande

Hyacinth Lavande In the comic: Hyacinth Lavande

Thorn's niece. (Significantly taller than he is; she obviously got that from Larch's side of the family.) Very concerned about social justice: researches history, goes to protests, gets panicky when she can't figure out whether a term is offensive.

Went full-on goth not long ago. Her natural hair color is spring-green; she dyes it black to match her black makeup and all-black wardrobe. Long-time friends with fellow goths Vine Fenouil and Angelica Thatcher; strikes up a new friendship with Hazel, turning into a crush.

Speaks school-level Sønska, as a fan of several Sønska-language media, including the Holger Saga.

Hyacinth is intersex, with androgen insensitivity syndrome on the X chromosome. (She got that from Tansy's side of the family.)

  • Age (first appearance): 15
  • Ethnicity: Iuilic/Aibrean
  • Likes: wearing black, violent/dark/gory art and fiction, skulls, social justice
  • Dislikes: vampires, people assuming she's depressed

Major appearances

Hawthorn Lavande

Hawthorn Lavande In the comic: Hawthorn Lavande

Thorn's nephew. Has changeling syndrome; his family is used to him avoiding eye contact.

Hawthorn collects historical icons, can recite lots of comic strips verbatim, will only eat a limited number of foods, and doesn't like when things get moved or changed around. Don't talk to him in the quiet room.

  • Age (first appearance): 10
  • Ethnicity: Iuilic/Aibrean
  • Likes: historical trivia, playtime setups, comics, video games
  • Dislikes: disruptions in his routine, most food, sensory overload

Major appearances


Gloriosa Lavande

Gloriosa Lavande

In the comic: Gloriosa Lavande

Larch's mother. He was her golden child, and she's never forgiven Tansy for taking him away. Toxic and invasive.

  • Age (first appearance): late 60's
  • Ethnicity: Aibrean
  • Family Deserts: attempts to stomp on Larch's boundaries, then Tansy's, then Hawthorn's, then (over the net) Hyacinth's; attempts to set up Thorn as assaulting her

Oleander Lavande

Oleander Lavande

In the comic: Oleander Lavande

Larch's father, and Gloriosa's husband. Always ready to support and back up his wife. Also toxic and invasive.

Lupine Lavande

Lupine Lavande

In the comic: Lupine Lavande

Larch's younger sister. Shares a goth fashion sense with Hyacinth, and changeling syndrome with Hawthorn.

As of this writing, only seen in bonus art and a Thorn Explains bonus strip.

Linden Lavande

Linden Lavande

In the comic: Linden Lavande

Larch's younger brother. Used to be the family scapegoat.

As of this writing, only seen in bonus art.

Parents and grandparents

Clover Estragon

Clover Estragon In the comic: Clover Estragon

Thorn's mom #1. Former member of the Ceannic Navy. Died in a famous sea-monster attack when Thorn was 17. He doesn't like to talk about it.

After marrying Plum, Clover pursued a long string of ambitious but unsuccessful business ventures, spurred on by unmedicated bipolar disorder. She lost a lot of Plum's money and spent a lot of time away from home. Eventually, no one but Thorn still believed she was going to make it big any day now.

Clover also had androgen insensitivity syndrome; she wouldn't have been able to reproduce unaided, but Plum wanted biological children, so they spent a lot of money at a magical fertility clinic. She passed the affected X chromosome on to Tansy, and a Y chromosome on to Thorn.

As of this writing, only seen in bonus art and flashbacks.

Plum Estragon

Plum Estragon In the comic: Plum Estragon

Thorn's mom #2. Has worked in music, teaching, and publishing. Alive, retired.

Plum was the relatively sheltered daughter of a traditional Iuilic family; Clover was an adventurous Navy hotshot who, ah…expanded her horizons. As a young adult she became a one-hit wonder under the stage name “Ti$ha”, with the hit song “Spotlight.”

  • Age (first appearance): 65
  • Ethnicity: Iuilic

As of this writing, only seen in bonus art and flashbacks.

Mulberry Chesnok

Mulberry Chesnok

In the comic: Grandma Mulberry

Plum's mother, and the only one of Thorn's grandparents still alive.

Mulberry is bilingual in Ceannic and Iudish, though Plum never picked much of the latter up.

As of this writing, only seen in bonus art.


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