Vampires are native to the North, and exert significant financial and legal power across the region. They make up one of the three houses of Sønheim's government, and their bank accounts nearly destroyed the economy until tax laws were changed to compensate for immortal compound interest.

They also do things like develop specialty unicorn breeds with spines and pointy tails. When you're immortal, you need a long-term project.

Linguists and historians love the older ones…when they aren’t just making stuff up for fun, which is often.

Properties of vampirism:

  • New vampires (“tadpole vampires”) can be turned at any time
  • It enhances your existing strength and senses (but doesn't create new ones; a blind human would become a blind vampire)
  • Some skills, like shapeshifting, only develop with age
  • There are no proven cases where a vampire was killed and then reincarnated as a human
  • There are also no vampires with heartswords, although it's theorized that vampirism changes your soul enough to affect the look of your sword (most likely to make it more goth-y)

Lady Stanczia

Lady Stanczia In the comic: Lady Stanczia

Vampire royalty, one of the oldest in existence. Longstanding member of the House of the Moon in Sønheim. Has good taste. Got stuck in a rut about 200 years ago, then Imri cheered her up.

Her name comes from a linguistic tradition that no longer exists, and her native language isn't spoken except by a handful of her peers. At the time, family names weren't standard; when they became a legal necessity, she picked Fågelson.

  • Age (first appearance): almost 1000
  • Likes: Politics, goth decor, O positive

Major appearances

Lord Imri

Lord Imri In the comic: Lord Imri

Stanczia’s partner. A financial analyst by training, but has big plans for writing novels in his spare time.

Imri was a 14-year-old human when he first met Stanczia, approximately 200 years before the comic starts. He was hired to manage her accounts in his twenties, and was turned at age 32.

He's trans, with a self-chosen name from Stanczia's era. At this point most people assume he's a contemporary of hers, and he lets them believe it because it's more fun that way.

  • Age (first appearance): ~230
  • Likes: Melodramatic YA, dapper fashion, testosterone

Major appearances

Other Vampires


In the comic: vampires

Lord Andsvarr: 182 in flashback, N/A now. Politician who overstepped his boundaries. (Only 900's Kids Will Get This)

Lady Fastný: 245 in flashback, ~445 now. Tailored suits, single earring, stylish undercut. Native language is an archaic form of Sønska. (Only 900's Kids Will Get This)

Lord Gyeücsa: 626 in flashback, ~826 now. Cat-eyes and silky hair. Same native language as Stanczia. (Only 900's Kids Will Get This)

Duke Árpád: Another contemporary of Stancczia's. (Exclusive to the AU short story All Downhill From Here)


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